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  • Diversity of windbreakers

    Windbreaker has a history over a century and now it seems has experienced time-test. Its style and fabric has its own unique language. You will find that China jackets supplier can provide various styles for customers. What's more, it will be able to glimpse impressed the customers. Its usefulness has incomparable with diverse of styles. Windbreaker nowadays shows a lot of new features. A pioneer in the world is VALAFRANCA windbreaker series. For example, it was once in the "Waterloo Bridge...

  • The blossom of windbreakers for outdoor sport

    Benefiting from the rapid growth of GDP, the spending power of urban and rural residents is gradually increase in recent years. This is good for China jackets supplier for the blossom of positive and healthy lifestyle in the country. For example, outdoor sports show a rapid growth trend in the golden period of development. Boom of outdoor sports will drive the prosperity of outdoor consumer demand. There are expectations that in the next period, the Chinese outdoor market will continue to mainta...

  • Transformation for China textile industry

    The textile machinery industry faces the situation of doldrums, lack of orders, companies upgrade in recent years. And they couldn't find the right way to breakthrough. The main business for an enterprise is the production and operation. For China jackets supplier, it is necessary to figure out how to turn, how to turn the greatest profits and avoid the risk, how to distinguish between transformation and metastasis. In recent years, textile machinery and equipment industry has the new model from...

  • Interesting history of windbreakers

    I opened the window a while, cold wind hit me, I was frozen straight suction air-conditioning. Take a look at the windows of the frosting, frosted bear the form of different patterns. I know that China jackets supplier will have a new market for this coming winter. Do you get the history of jacket? Actually, the word jacket comes from the French word jaquette. The term comes from the Middle French noun jaquet, which refers to a small or lightweight tunic. With time goes on and high speed develop...

  • High quality product jackets

    I think everyone will have a jacket in winter. What is the definition of jacket? According to the description of China jackets supplier, a jacket is a mid stomach length garment for the upper body. It typically has sleeves and fastens in the front or slightly on the side. A jacket is generally lighter, tighter-fitting, and less insulating than a coat, which is outerwear. Some jackets are fashionable, while others serve as protective clothing. When the winter comes, the weather is not good so tha...

  • Basketbal Games

    Playing Basketball is a fantastic thing. All team members struggle for a same goal, shooting and Scoring. They run, jump,defense and shoot... Everybody all round cheers for them. What a exciting time. What a moving time. What a fantastic time it is.

  • Staff Training

    New employees should be trained in the company. According to the human resources department recruits how much decided to training time, provide relevant company culture, management policy, rules and regulations, safety of primary cultivates. In principle for a week. Employees in assigned to department, each department must after related skills, within three days after the working process of the training.

  • Outdoor Development Training

    Outdoor Development are experts in delivering corporate management and personal development training in the outdoor environment. Ourdoor development brings us a big harvest: to overcome the psychological inertia, honed willpower to overcome difficulties;Digging their own potential, to self-knowledge, and enhance self-confidence;Inspire innovative thinking, enhance the ability to solve the problem;Release the pressure of work, to change yourself mentality;Adjustment state of body and mind, intu...

  • Year-end banquet

    The anual Year-end banque is anticipated mostly. After the hardworking for a year long, there will be a big free meal before holiday. The boss will thank his workers for creating wealth for him. It is a pity that the only bad thing about this meal is I have to wait another whole year to enjoyit again!