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  • Common furs used in garments

    Winter is coming, what are you waiting for? Do you want to have a warm coat, a beautiful jacket from China jackets supplier, or some other warm equipment for the cold winter? Do you think about its materials when you wear various types of clothes? Today, let’s have a look at them together. Fur coats, they have been a symbol of status and sophistication since the very earliest days of creation. Early man used furs and pelts as a material for clothing out of necessity. However, today's f...

  • New trend in the channel for garment industry

    As electricity supplier has irreversible change for department stores and other real retail, in fact, garment industry has been influenced by the new model. This effect will give China jackets supplier opportunities as well as challenges too. Under this situation, there is a new trend for garment industry. We all know that now is the Internet age and everyone is in the network center. Whether you like it or not, admit it or not, the Internet has not only changed our lives, but also changed the l...

  • Influence for garments under transformation of the internet

    In fact, the development and change of an industry is not only affected by the internal environment, but also influenced by the external environment. China jackets supplier will know this in 2014 for there are various changes and influence for this industry under the transformation of the internet. We will talk about external changes and changes in the relationship between the apparel industries from another angle for this year's annual observation. Multi-level channel sales model is the practic...

  • Charming and extraordinary dress of saree

    To some extent, sarees are a special part of the Indian culture since a long period. China jackets supplier may know that saree is a unique, six yard long fashionable garment which is extremely beautiful and impressive with numerous designs, styles, shades and fabrics. Based on net, chiffon, jacquard and velvet fabric, these sarees have glittering embroidered got work. Some of the sarees borders have embroidered ribbon lace with traditional floral design decorated with glittering crystals. You w...

  • Techniques for choosing your dress style

    Clothing tips' main goal is telling people how to dress up an elegant, beautiful, refined charm of women. Of course, China jackets supplier will have advantages for nowadays is winter. Today, I will mainly talk it from the jobs, spouse, friends, social, business and other aspects. The most important thing is people should gradually establish their own style of dress. The ability to impress us with dress today, whether designer or celebrity, it is only one reason; that is they created their own s...

  • Garment's style for beauties

    For personal clothing style, classification and various types of dress style in the fashion industry, it already has a consensus, but specific to a certain person, it is still difficult for China jackets supplier to make a quick selection for customers when they want to buy jackets in winter. After years of training in diagnostic techniques of dress style, suppliers have summed up a lot of cases and a large quantity of data as well as the human body in line with Chinese characteristics "typ...

  • How to attract consumers with a jacket brand?

    Buy jackets are not an easy thing for everyone, especially when you have a bloated body; it has become extremely difficult to buy fashion jackets. However, China jackets supplier can provide various types and fashion jackets for customers. You can choose the favorite one by yourself on the internet. With time goes by, there are multifarious types of jacket, then how the suppliers use a jacket brand to attract consumers? This is a trouble for suppliers. Here are some opinions of mine. In order to...

  • Collocation method of windbreakers

    You don’t love a woman because she is beautiful, but she is beautiful because you love her. China jackets supplier would say that if you love the windbreakers, then you will get more beautiful in your future life. Actually, windbreakers are popular with customers nowadays. However, even the windbreakers can make you beautiful; there are still some collocation methods for choosing windbreakers. First of all, long coat with shorts is suitable for those who have slender legs. And they cou...

  • Selection techniques for windbreakers

    Boom of outdoor sports will drive the prosperity of outdoor consumer demand. There are expectations that Chinese outdoor market will continue to maintain the good momentum of rapid growth. Thus, it will give China jackets supplier business opportunities for a huge market as customers will choose windbreakers for their outdoor sports. There are some selection techniques for windbreakers for the various types of windbreakers. First is about the style. There are two of the styles, one is over the s...

  • Historical origin of windbreakers

    An anti-wind or windbreaker seems like a rain coat. It is also known as the trench coat. China jackets supplier could provide various types of windbreakers for customers. What's more, it is suitable for spring, autumn and winter which has gain popular in costumes. There is the historical origin of windbreakers. Windbreaker originated from the western military coat in World War I in battlefield, known as "trench dress". Its breast double-breasted style is its character with right should...