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  • Quick improvement of windbreakers in outdoor sport

    Thanks to the rapid growth of GDP, the spending power for people is gradually adding in recent years. This is good for China jackets supplier for the blossom of positive and healthy lifestyle in the country. Now we can have a look at their changes together. Flourishing of outdoor sports will promote the prosperity of outdoor consumer demand. There are some exact expectations that in the next period, the Chinese outdoor market is hopeful for maintaining the good momentum of rapid growth. China ou...

  • Problems plagued development of China down jacket

    Sometimes we may confuse how we could buy the high quality product jacket when we use our money on China jackets supplier. If you have some time to read relative news for jacket, then the chance for you buying high quality jacket will higher than ever. First, the "warm winter" will bring down a serious impact on down jacket industry. Mid-affected by warm winter factors, the mainly down jacket brand sales in the domestic market has decreased significantly, which is less than four percen...

  • Customization can achieve industrialization for garment industry

    Custom is generally small volume, variety, and higher production costs. How to make customization for China jackets supplier to achieve mass production of industrialization, thus reducing production costs? This is a challenge for the new age’s garment industry. Mass production model, in fact, can be customized with a small batch production of a combination, but the premise is the enterprise has to achieve intelligent production. Thus garment industry can move towards 4.0 times and the ...

  • Shift from production-driven to demand-led for garment industry

    There are various causes for traditional clothing inventory and operational difficulties. But main reason, even for China jackets supplier, is both production and sales, including orders based production system and the dealer mode characterized by marketing mechanisms. Faced this situation, how to change it? Throughout the textile and garment enterprises form, nothing more than three, first, it is independent brand type, including, for example, red collar and custom enterprise. Then it is the OE...

  • Creation is the source for garment industry

    Actually, all design needs creation as the saying goes that creation is the source for new product. This is also beneficial for garment industry. Your designer needs creation if you are a China jackets supplier. Then how can we make our designers full of creation? This is a question. Initial inspiration of creation often comes from all aspects of life. Some things look small, but perhaps they contain a lot of unique beauties. If their presence cannot be found, you cannot use them well; then a lo...

  • The importance of fabric design for garment industry

    Innovation is the soul of design. There is the saying goes that no innovation, no good design. It is the same effect for China jackets supplier. Meanwhile, innovation is based on learning and accumulation. There can be no innovation without learning and accumulation. If you want to have a brilliant fabric design in garment industry, there are some points you should get. First, you should pay attention to the collection and collation of information and professional information of all kinds and th...

  • Cross-border cooperation is marketing trends for garment industry

    Cross-border cooperation sale will become a new attempt for its form of new upgrade sale. With the high development of advanced technology, China jackets supplier also needs to think about the new market plan for selling their products. Of course, it is popular among suppliers of cross-border cooperation. Insiders said that consumers would no doubt prefer the cross-industry linkage of sale. It is not easy for those who can seek to win in the operation process. People are no longer satisfied with...

  • Managing people before running business for garment industry

    Store business, for nearly two years is struggling under the influence of thinking patterns of the Internet, leaving various confusions and lost for boss. So does for the China jackets supplier. As far as I’m concerned, we should manage people before we run business. In fact, there is a simple answer. We should run the people before we run the business as it is the operator's own heart, the staff heart, the customer's heart, the supplier's heart, the partners' heart, and the consumer's...

  • Market consumption structure of garments

    As we all know that China has a huge population in the world. Under this situation, I believe that China jackets supplier know that China's huge population has made up a huge consumer market of clothing. With the improvement of people’s living standard, the market consumption structure of garments is also changed. Due to various elements infecting, such as costs rising , RMB appreciation, the impact of market demand slowdown in domestic and international factors, clothing wholesale in ...

  • My favorite—windbreaker in winter

    Today, I want to say something about life, about my feeling for the cold winter. Sometimes I think that China jackets supplier is a quite warm job as they could send me warm in the cold winter with their comfortable and cozy jackets or beautiful and fashionable windbreakers. I just a girl, I want to be fashion and I want to be live comfortably. However, life is so hard for everyone in the earth, whether child or adult. We have various thoughts in mind as well as multifarious things to do. Summer...