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  • The skills of color match for various garment(1)

    We all know that they would tell us about the color matching style when we buy clothes in the shop store. Actually, we can learn it from China jackets supplier and thus we can say something about it and enjoy it next time. You can have a view of this essay if you interested in it. First, color matching is also the golden ratioFirst, the body color to avoid the 1: 1 combination, especially when wearing "a contrasting color." For example, wearing a waist length to 10 cm, white shirt, if ...

  • Your cloth, your garment style

    It will bother most girls who think they may be not beautiful in their body shape when summer comes to the world. Now I just want to say that we should believe our China jackets supplier in this new era as they will provide us with the wonderful match when we choose our cloth. For short people, you can choose clothes according to these methods.Small size women should use simple and smooth style clothing.First, in color, with color Eau, simple lines, compact design is appropriate and uniform colo...

  • What is the best match in summer with the jacket?

    You may know that it is going into summer, and there is no need for the jacket. However, which style would you choose for you if you still need the jacket from China jackets supplier with your bag? Now we can have a view about this match together. Here to talk about the color of the bag when you wear with different characteristics.First is black, brown bag most wild.If you do not have time, they do not want to match different clothes, so wild black and brown bag will be your best choice! This is...

  • Good news for the funs of black and brown jackets

    When you say what if I don’t like the color like white or blue in your last essay, what should I do for that with the China jackets supplier? Okay, do not worry about it. We have various colors for you to choose. Do you like black for the classic color or the handsome brown color? Let’s look at them. First, black cloth jacket with bags is a wonderful match. Black belongs to calm with mystery, and no matter what color put together, will not have a style, it always felt by the ...

  • Different colored jackets with different bags

    Walk in the street, we will find so many beauties with their fashion and gorgeous clothes of jackets in spring. We will give them the sense of admiring. Do not to admire other persons as you can do it too under the help of China jackets supplier. Let’s learn it together. A White dress with matching bag is a wonderful match. White is the most holy color, personal feeling is the best color dress. The color is too light colored suit with matching bag. Assembly to yellowish white casual ba...

  • Same color for the cloth match coming from China jackets supplier

    Everyone wants to look beautiful when you get out in the street. Some of us would ask the special designer for the fashion show about the cloth and some of us would go to find the gorgeous match from China jackets supplier. Now we can start from the color to rich our life. Wearing the same color in the visual will be showing a very extreme feeling - the ultimate authority, the ultimate conservative, extreme enthusiasm. In general, wearing the same "neutral" costumes, such as black, gra...

  • Clothes match skills for girls

    Pursuing fashion is regardless of the season! The most fashionable girl is seeking an attitude. Today, we China jackets supplier will share clothes match skills with all of you, such as the proportion of body with skills, clothing color matching skills. Look at here girl! Here, we will provide information about clothes for the girls to wear with France, I hope to help the girls ~~1. Deep dressing has three states: The first layer is the harmony, the second layer is the beauty, and the third laye...

  • Jacket in spring coming from China jackets supplier

    We cannot deny that jackets are good thing in the coming spring for their function of keeping out the wind. China jackets supplier make various creation to supply the need of customers. You can shop for multifarious jackets with different colors, different materials for your wonderful spring. For me, I like the material of cotton. However, it doesn’t practical to make the jackets into cotton. Thus, a denim jacket in the spring is like a leather motto jacket in the fall, you can't reall...

  • Breeze spring with wonderful jacket

    Today, the sunshine is wonderful in Changsha with breeze dances in your hair. However, we still need the warm cloth as this is the early spring. Now we can buy jackets coming from China jackets supplier to show our slim stature and our fashion stream this spring. It was early in the spring morning. The sun was just rising out of the eastern horizon emitting steaks of red hue through the clouds and across the sky. Soon the campus was battled in the first rays of the sun. The lake the trees and th...

  • Contemporary clothing for different countries

    Different countries will have different customs. These will rich the culture of the whole world. China jackets supplier said that Chinese culture is different from others, thus we have our own special in garment industry. We still need to hold our special although under the situation of globalization. Now we can look at the trend of western culture about the cloth. The Western dress code has been evolving over the past 500+ years. The mechanization of the textile industry made many varieties of ...