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  • Hand wash or machine wash for your garment?

    Do you know that some kinds of clothes cannot be washed in the washing machine which will bother our customers when China jackets supplier told them in winter. Whether clothes can be washed in washing machine should depend on the injury and other clothing materials, structure, color fastness and aircraft prime consideration. Woolen clothes cannot be washed in the washing machine.Many parts of the woolen clothes with a sewing needle fibers, mostly cotton and flax fabric lining, rotating roll in t...

  • Garment cannot be washed in washing machine

    Are you a lazy guy? You may put your clothes in washing machine when you change them out. Okay, China jackets supplier said that jackets made of some special materials so that it is not good to wash them in the washing machine. Today, let’s have a look at the garment which cannot be washed in washing machine. First, silk clothing is not good if you use your washing machine to clean it.Silk clothing is dirty, can be placed in cold water detergents, hand knead it a few times, it should n...

  • Marine elements used in the clothing

    The fashion trend, this season the international big-name designers are invariably to look into the sea for those China jackets supplier, different from the previous sea striped stripes, blue fish and sea sidelines impressionistic elements, now they pay more attention from the seafloor sediments. Early 20th century, when men find blue and white striped short-sleeved seafarers worn very comfortable, "Ocean" element the first time as "popular elements" return to the public's vi...

  • Following the main stream in jackets industry

    I believe you can hear the discussion about how to choose the best fashion jackets for you when the seasons come. China jackets supplier can help you to some extent as they have the experience when introduce you about the styles and colors for you which will show your fashion and personality. We cannot go out without clothes. As we all know that color with the beauty must have a continuity, that is, to make the same color (or similar saturation or brightness) rhythmic appear in the overall color...

  • China casual wear brand ranking in garment industry

    We can see the brand ranking in children’s talking nowadays. Have you ever thought you are wearing a brand cloth from China jackets supplier in spring or autumn and going outside for a shopping? Now I want to list some of China casual wear brand ranking in garment industry. Semir is the rapid rise of the domestic casual wear industry leading brands. Semir Group Co., Ltd’s goal is to "create public. Fashion brands "for the purpose of development, actively promoting f...

  • Luxury garments for new generation

    Overall, in the past year, the average daily in Baidu will produce 1.78 million related to the search for the luxury industry in various garments area, for example, China jackets supplier. In all of search, luxury is in the crowd, according to age distribution, "90" seems to have become the largest crowd. Whether 180-degree turn to replace the young spokesperson or active layout digital marketing and sales, a number of luxury brands have started to focus on the younger generation inclu...

  • Family fitted garment’s popularity nowadays

    Ms. Lee, who is buying outdoor family fitted clothe in Changchun said: "spring is the perfect time for camping, outing, and picnic. Wearing the same clothes from China jackets supplier of whole family and going out to play is wonderful thing!" Yes, it is very popular about wearing family fitted garments for you guys. At the time of high popularity of sports and leisure apparel, outdoor apparel paternity series also ushered in the season. "In addition to outdoor activities for adul...

  • Sportswear garment becomes the fashion in summer

    With the coming of May Day, there is a consumption boom struck. Recently, the reporter visited Changchun department stores in major shopping malls, while collecting the Guilin Road and there are various sportswear garments coming from China jackets supplier in the market. Products on the list: sports and leisure apparel category.Reason: cost-effective, high efficiency.Since April, the sports apparel merchandise on significant warming trend. "Spring is here of course to move up, although it ...

  • Selection method from garment industry for skirt style

    Summer is coming which give girls chance to show their wonderful shape for the viewers by wearing various skirts. However, this doesn’t mean that China jackets supplier doesn’t have the opportunity to sell their products for customers as they could supply the thin jacket for the skirt. Today, we can have a look at the selection method of skirt style.First is the skirt length: The skirt can make people feel relaxed and lively, full of youthful vigor and dynamism, more suitable...

  • The skills of color match for various garment(2)

    We talk about the skills of color match for various garment last essay. Today, we can look another aspect of the skill of color match from China jackets supplier. I hope that this lesson will really give you help in your daily life when you choose the garment in the market. Today, the topic is about the color match to have the continuity of beauty.As we all know that color with the beauty must have a continuity, that is, to make the same color (or similar saturation or brightness) rhythmic appea...